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Sudan in Crisis [electronic resource]

The hostilities ripping apart the Sudanese region of Darfur have created a humanitarian crisis which the international community is only beginning to address. This ABC News program serves as a starting point for analyzing the situation, shedding light on how the conflict spiraled out of control and led to the deaths of thousands and the displacement of far more. Focusing on the efforts of relief organizations to shelter, feed, and care for a tidal wave of refugees-and the political, logistical, and geographic obstacles that have made such efforts nearly impossible-the video assesses the accuracy of the term "genocide" in describing the conflict's ethnically driven atrocities.
2006; 2004

The Suffering of Sudan [electronic resource]

Darfur is dying. Drought and military violence in this region of Sudan have caused more than a million people to flee, and the death toll from starvation, disease, and militia attacks continues to rise. What, if anything, is being done to help the victims? This Peabody Award-winning program goes inside the Bredjing Refugee Camp in neighboring Chad, visits a tiny clinic run by Doctors Without Borders, and rides with the Sudan Liberation Army to give viewers a glimpse of what the UN is calling one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world.

Crisis in Darfur [electronic resource]

Precious time has been spent on protracted debate over the term "genocide." Meanwhile, regardless of what politicians and activists choose to call it, a colossal tragedy has torn Darfur apart. In March of 2006, NBC's Ann Curry traveled to the border between Chad and Sudan to cover the conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. Curry tells the stories of people caught up in the violence: a mother, an orphan, an aid worker, and others who have been largely forgotten as Arab-on-Christian and sometimes Arab-on-Arab killing continues. Curry also talks to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof about Darfur's future and what can be done to shape it.
2008; 2006