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Muxe's: Auténticas, Intrépidas Buscadoras del Peligro = Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of Danger

Among the Zapotec Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico, boy babies who are born in a certain position, or little boys who prefer to play with girls, are raised as women, and are known as Muxes (pronounced "Mooshays"). The Muxes of Juchitán are proud of their identity, enjoy their lives, laugh at themselves as well as at "straight" society, and admit their own foibles freely. They call themselves "Authentic, Intrepid Seekers of Danger," and have banded together to lead the fight against AIDS in Oaxaca. In this documentary, they talk frankly about their experiences of acceptance and rejection, and their successes in finding freedom, love and delight in their special identity.
2006; 2004
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Blossoms of Fire

Blossoms of Fire is a bright, amiable chronicle of the vivid lives of the women of Juchitán, a small, sun-soaked city on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, Mexico. Celebrated by artists like Miguel Covarrubias and Frida Kahlo, Tehuantepec women are already famous, or perhaps infamous for being very visible, hailed as the last practitioners of matriarchy. In reality, this culture features a highly pragmatic and mutually satisfactory partnership between men and women in a pre-industrial mercantile economy. Since there is no concrete division between the hearth and the community, women participate as visibly in the marketplace and in civic affairs and as they would in the home. In the ongoing struggle with modernization this egalitarian habit, along with the indigenous culture an [...]
2006; 2000
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