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Justice à Agadez

Filmed in the village of Agadez in northern Niger, this films chronicles seven typical cases heard by the local Cadi. The film unobtrusively witnessess these seven stories - small civil disputes, domestic conflicts, marriage problems, accusations of theft. Justice at Agadez not only demonstrates the power of Islamic religious beliefs in enforcing both moral and civil behavior but also provides viewers a rare opportunity to see how Islamic law, unlike the manner in which it has often been sensationalized in the Western media, actually functions on an everyday basis.
2006; 2004
Clemons (Stacks)

Arlit [electronic resource]: Deuxieme Paris

This case study in "environmental racism" looks at the environmental and social wreckage left behind by a global uranium mining operation in Niger. Arlit, once a boom town, flourished in the early 70's its uranium mines employed 25,000 workers from around the world in high paying jobs. Arlit was alive 24 hours a day, earning it the nickname, 'le deuxiéme Paris.' Then came the collapse in uranium prices and the Tuareg rebellion against the central government in Niamey. When there was nothing more which the Europeans wanted they abandoned Arlit, leaving behind derelict machinery littering the desert. This film demonstrates the ultimate bankruptcy of overseas investment in commodity based industry as a strategy for development.
2014; 2004