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American Troops Land in the Philippines ca. 1945

Immediately following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese troops attacked the American military base on Luzon, the Philippines' largest island, and had overtaken the entire territory by early 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered General Douglas MacArthur to withdraw from the Philippines, leading MacArthur to proclaim, "I shall return." In September 1944, MacArthur's forces began their efforts to retake the Philippines.
2007; 1945

Families of Philippines: Families of the World

Meet 13-year old Khim, a boy who lives on the rural island of Cebu with his grandparents, aunt and her two children. See the dozens of outrigger boats Khim points out as he explains how the fisherman collect the fish that he and his family eat nearly every night. Shahani, 7, lives near the capital city of Manila, a thriving city boasting many modern skyscrapers. Living with her mom, dad and older sister, the early riser gets help from mom getting started in the morning before she's off to school.
2014; 2011

The Philippines: Hilot Massage

In the Philippines, it is often said that the sea links the people. But something else also links the inhabitants of this archipelago- Hilot, an ancient art of healing through touch. Its practitioners, the manghihilot, use only their hands and coconut oil. Bernard Fontanille meets Angelita Calderon who earns her living as a seamstress and does not charge for Hilot treatments. Alongside Angelita, Bernard discovers a medical tradition based on pressure points and manual manipulation.
2016; 2014

The Philippines: Siquijor, the Healing Island

Siquijor is a small island located in the heart of the Visayan Islands. For a long time Siquijor was feared on account of its witches, but today, the island is famous for its healers. The power in Siquijor is intrinsically linked to its earth. The island's limestone, non-volcanic soil is unlike others in the archipelago. Bernard Fontanille meets Noel Terremocha, a well-known healer and follows him on a quest for ingredients.
2016; 2015