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The County - What Happens After Police Kill Someone You Love?

When someone dies after an encounter with law enforcement, he leaves behind parents and children, loss and confusion. What’s to be done when those people sworn to protect you are the same people who pull the trigger? In Kern County, California, officer-involved deaths have been more common than in any other U.S. county this year. Meet families across this rural swath of America calling for justice in a place where law enforcement consistently clears itself of wrongdoing.
2018; 2015

SWAT: Mission Creep

SWAT teams were created in the 1960s to combat violent events. Since then, the specialized teams have morphed into a force increasingly used in routine policing, most often to serve drug warrants, sometimes with disastrous results. Which raises the question: are we too militarized?
2017; 2015

Al Capone and Prohibition

On January 16, 1920, the 18th amendment to the United States Constitution comes into force, one year after its ratification. All sale, production, and transport of alcohol are henceforward forbidden in the entire territory of America. It’s the start of Prohibition. Several criminals grab the opportunity to create veritable empires by means of contraband liquor. Al Capone is certainly the most infamous among them. The United States Treasury gives the no-less-famous Eliot Ness the mission of bringing down Al Capone. Despite the many, and fruitful, operations carried out against his clandestine distilleries, the boss of the Chicago underworld holds out—until another solution is considered: charge Capone with tax evasion. In 1931, Al Capone is found guilty of tax evasion and sentenced to [...]

Heroes Behind the Badge

Heroes Behind the Badge recounts the harrowing stories of law enforcement officers who were caught in the line of fire and survived and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Directed by British Academy Award-winning filmmaker Wayne Derrick and narrated by Emmy Award nominee Vincent D'Onofrio, this documentary serves as a tribute in honoring the lives of the brave men and women behind the badge.
2017; 2012

Sex Trade in Oregon: Dan Rather Reports on Sex Work

Oregon's largest city has an unfortunate nickname, "Pornland," but vice officers with the Portland police think it's well deserved. The sex trade, especially involving minors, is taking off like a rocket and Portland police feel understaffed and overwhelmed with young girls being sold for sex. Dan Rather Reports examines this underage child prostitution in this episode.
2016; 2010

Sex Work in the Netherlands and Sweden: Dan Rather Reports

On this episode, Dan Rather examines how two European countries, Holland and Sweden, are using groundbreaking and controversial strategies to deal with the world’s oldest profession. In addition, this program contains an update on the child trafficking investigation in Portland, Oregon.
2016; 2013

Heroes Behind the Badge: Sacrifice and Survival

Directed by British Academy Award-winning filmmaker Wayne Derrick and narrated by Emmy Award nominee Vincent D'Onofrio, the second installment of this powerful documentary series is a tribute to the heroes of law enforcement who have suffered through life-threatening injuries and are fighting their way back...and to those who are gone but never forgotten.
2017; 2013

Heroin and the War on Drugs

In the 1970s, frustration over heroin-related urban crime led to the War on Drugs. Today, heroin is back. But the users, and the response, are very different.
2017; 2015

Attorney General Janet Reno

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, straight talking and controversial, has become one of the "stars" of the Clinton cabinet. In this program with Bill Moyers, she discusses gun control, the death penalty, preventive programs for young children, prison sentences, appointing justices without any "litmus tests," the role of government in working with communities to help solve local problems, and using the National Guard to reinforce the local police. She argues that the strengths of love and family are the best preventive measure against delinquency, but urges that government become involved in social programs to help "re-weave the fabric of society." (60 minutes)
2016; 1994