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Lost Children [electronic resource]: Uganda's Youngest Soldiers

During its campaign of terror in northern Uganda, the Lord's Resistance Army has abducted thousands of children of the Acholi tribe and forced them to kill among their own people. This powerful, award-winning documentary examines the tragic aftermath of a brutal practice by following the lives of two boys and two girls between the ages of 8 and 14 who escape their captors. Their plight is seen in gritty detail; after years of witnessing and sometimes committing atrocities, the children return to their villages, mistrusted and often branded "killers" by their own families. The children are helped by social workers in their transition back to peace, but for many there is no going home.

Responding to Outbreaks [electronic resource]

An outbreak of Ebola in western Uganda caused dozens of illnesses or deaths. A team of investigators from America's Centers for Disease Control Special Pathogens Branch travels to Uganda to bring the outbreak under control and learn more about the reservoir hosts for the Ebola and Marburg viruses.
2014; 2009

Bridge the Gap [electronic resource]: Uganda

In Bridge the Gap to Uganda, host and global explorer, Chris Bashinelli, travels the world to experience life outside of his hometown -Brooklyn, New York. In this episode, he visits the Ruwenzori Mountain range of rural Uganda to see how fair trade has helped lift farmers out of extreme poverty. Once there, he learns how to "impregnate" a vanilla flower, rides a motorcycle taxi through the luscious green mountains, and runs screaming through the woods while being attacked by venomous bees- all in the name of cultural exchange. Each character he meets, from the bee keeper, to the goat herder, to the seamstress, has used their fair trade earnings to make a better life for their families.

After Kony: Staging Hope

After Kony: Staging Hope is a documentary film that follows a team of actors, playwrights, and activists in Uganda who use theater to help escaped and displaced youth explore the traumatic events they have been through. Through dramatizing their stories, the teens are able to share their voices with the community and the world. The short plays address HIV/AIDS, peace, and reconciliation. These dramas also pose the taboo question; "When an escaped child soldier returns home, are his parents able to accept him?" "Is the community ready to embrace him as well"?
2015; 2011

Uganda: Life at the Fingertips

Esther Madudu is one of two midwives at the Katine health center, located about two hundred kilometers from the Ugandan capital. Here, there is no electricity and the solar panels no longer work. On average, Esther assists five women a day giving birth and tends to forty women in antenatal care, Monday through Friday. The midwives are also in charge of psychological monitoring, the prevention and treatment of malaria, and vaccinations. Esther earned a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015.
2016; 2013

Man-Eaters [electronic resource]: Dangerous Encounters

Take an adventure with Dr. Brady Barr as he travels back to Uganda in search of a giant man-eating crocodile. This episode takes place on the Nile River in Murchison Falls National Park, where we'll find out just what it takes to capture crocodiles while Dr. Barr trains a team of rangers from the Uganda Wildlife Authority. Then it's on to the shores of Lake Victoria, where a massive, one-ton crocodile has been terrorizing villagers. Barr and the rangers will set out on the lake in the same dugout canoes used by fisherman-dugout canoes that are known to have been capsized by a giant crocodile. Their mission: to find and capture the man-eater before it kills again.