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Phantom Carriage

The last person to die on New Year's Eve before the clock strikes twelve is doomed to take the reins of death's chariot and work tirelessly collecting fresh souls for the next year. So says the legend that drives the phantom carriage (körkarlen), directed by the father of Swedish cinema, Victor Sjöström. The story, based on a novel by Nobel Prize winner Selma Lagerlöf, concerns an alcoholic, abusive ne'er-do-well (Sjöström himself) who is shown the error of his ways, and the pure-of-heart Salvation Army sister who believes in his redemption. This extraordinarily rich and innovative silent classic (which inspired Ingmar Bergman to make movies) is a Dickensian ghost story and a deeply moving morality tale, as well as a showcase for groundbreaking special effects.
2014; 1921

Smiles of a Summer Night

After fifteen films that received mostly local acclaim, the 1955 comedy Smiles of a summer night (sommarnattens leende) at last ushered in an international audience for Ingmar Bergman. In turn-of-the-century Sweden, four men and four women attempt to navigate the laws of attraction. During a weekend in the country, the women collude to force the men's hands in matters of the heart, exposing their pretensions and insecurities along the way. Chock-full of flirtatious propositions and sharp witticisms delivered by such Swedish screen legends as Gunnar Björnstrand and Harriet Andersson, Smiles of a summer night is one of cinema's great erotic comedies.
2014; 1955

Summer With Monika

Inspired by the earthy eroticism of Harriet Andersson, in the first of her many roles for him, Ingmar Bergman had a major international breakthrough with this sensual and ultimately ravaging tale of young love. A girl (Andersson) and boy (Lars Ekborg) from working-class families in Stockholm run away from home to spend a secluded, romantic summer at the beach, far from parents and responsibilities. Inevitably, it is not long before the pair are forced to return to reality. The version initially released in the U.S. was reedited by its distributor into something more salacious, but the original Summer with Monika (Sommaren med Monika), presented here, is a work of stunning maturity and one of Bergman's most important films.
2014; 1953

As It Is in Heaven

Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2005 Academy Awards, As it is in heaven is the story of Daniel, a successful international conductor who returns to his childhood village in Sweden.
2014; 2004

A Man Called Ove

Ove, an ill tempered, isolated retiree who spends his days enforcing block association rules and visiting his wife’s grave, has finally given up on life just as an unlikely friendship develops with his boisterous new neighbors. Based on the bestselling novel. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year and Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling at the **Academy Awards.** Winner of Best European Comedy at the **European Film Awards.** *"...hits all of the genre's sweet spots, without ever tipping into the saccharine." - **Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail***
2019; 2015

Nordic Sagas [electronic resource]

Explores several aspects of current and ancient Norway, Iceland and Sweden. Includes the excavation and reconstruction of Viking ships, volcanic activity and life in Iceland, a segment on digital photography in Sweden and the effects of the Chernobyl disaster on reindeer in Sweden.
2005; 1998

Price of Honour

Pela Atroshi, a child of Kurdish immigrants living in Sweden, was brought up in the strict traditions of her native country. She and her sister were not allowed to socialize with boys and were expected to be home immediately after school. However, as a teenager, she was spotted having an innocent meeting with a Swedish young man. Her outraged family returned to their village in northern Iraq where she was murdered by her uncle to uphold the family honor. This compelling film follows Breen, her sister, who at great personal risk brought the story to light back in Sweden. Breen had escaped from Iraq determined to avenge her sister s murder. The Swedish press took up her cause, but she has paid a heavy price for her assertiveness isolated life with a secret identity, fearful that she to [...]


Regretters gives heartfelt voice to two transgendered people who underwent sex change surgery to become women. Now, years later, they would like to return to their original, masculine selves. Through their experiences we learn how very complicated gender identity is; morphing from one gender to another is not accomplished solely by sexual reassignment surgery. Orlando and Mikael are Swedish, now in their sixties. Meeting for the first time, they face one another on a stage and engage in a spontaneous dialogue. Orlando, an androgynous dandy dressed in a red velvet suit, had one of the first sex change operations in Sweden in 1967. He tells of his eleven year marriage to a man who never suspected that his wife had not been born female. Mikael, dressed as a man, underwent the surgery in [...]

The Swedish Lutheran Church [electronic resource]

Sweden was one of the last European countries to adopt Christianity, and now appears likely to be the first to abandon it. This program gives a concise account of Lutheranism, and examines how-or even whether-organized religion can survive in an affluent, liberal, thoroughly materialistic society.

Wonderful and Loved by All

Bella is a self-declared actress but with a rather small list of achievements. She is pushing forty, constantly broke and has very little else to show for herself. Not much is going her way, so one day she decides to be a little creative in a CV she sends around, pretending she has developed acrobat skills. Good for her, Ingmar Bergman is precisely looking for a gymnast actress able to perform serious acrobatics for his new play. Bella gets the role of her life, but her small lies will lead to big consequences... --

The Dancer [electronic resource]

Follows the young and gifted Katja Bjorner through years of intensive training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School as she develops into an international ballet star.

Searching for Wallenberg

Both a historical documentary and a revealing investigation, this film contains newly discovered archival material and exclusive interviews with witnesses from the former U.S.S.R. who claim to have seen Wallenberg in the Soviet Gulag years after the Soviets officially declared him dead. Produced in association with The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States.; Just before the liberation of Budapest by the Soviet Red Army, in 1945, Wallenberg disappeared. Arrested as a suspected spy, Wallenberg became one of the first victims of the Cold War and Stalin's paranoia. He was taken to the notorious Lubianka prison in Moscow, where he spent most of the next two and a half years. On July 17, 1947, in what became one of the biggest mysteries of the twentieth century, he vanished. Over [...]

Chinatown [electronic resource]: An Attempt at Globalization in Sweden

Kalmar is a small town in the south of Sweden, facing problems of unemployment and a dwindling population. It really needed an economic boost. The local authorities signed an agreement with an ambitious Chinese businessman, Luo Jingxing, who planned to set up a commercial center in Kalmar. Here is an ideal globalization project, that unfortunately did not work out as envisioned. This amusing and relevant film shows the problems that emerge when the tigers of the developing world try to expand into Europe. The inhabitants of Kalmar prepare happily to receive their new neighbors. But the Chinese construction workers are told by their boss "you don't spit on the ground in Sweden." There's the strict Swedish Health and Safety Inspectorate, which clashes with the Chinese desire to get thi [...]

Sweden: Rosie's Journey

Does gender equality free women from family violence? Campaigner Rosie Batty and reporter Sally Sara journey to Scandinavia to find out. Despite women occupying 40% of parliament seats and men taking paternity leave, Sweden has one of the highest rates of domestic violence in Europe-possibly due to higher reporting rates. With a national identity based on a false sense of female empowerment, family violence victims face social stigma when speaking out. In this documentary, Batty speaks with Feminist Initiative co-founder Gudrun Schyman, with a domestic violence perpetrator who suffered abuse as a child, and with a domestic violence victim under police protection. She also shares her own experiences as a family violence survivor.

Families of Sweden: Families of the World

Families of Sweden introduces 5 year old Evelina, who lives with her brother and parents in Kalmar, Sweden. Then we meet 10 year old Alex and his family and follow him to school and to swimming lessons. Learn about Sweden's economy and government policies, and the short day in the Arctic circle.
2014; 2009

Under Solen

Sweet but lonesome Olof lives by himself on his family's farm after the death of his mother. Unable to read or write, he is forced to take people on trust. Olof must depend upon his younger friend Erik to help him with the farm work. Then one day, out of the blue, Olof places a personal ad in the paper. The ad attracts Ellen, a beautiful well-heeled city woman. Erik, also taken with Ellen, is determined to destroy her blossoming romance with Olof by unearthing the secret past he is convinced she is hiding.
2004; 1998
Clemons (Stacks)


Nejla (Robin Lundberg) has an unlimited admiration for his uncle, Klemens (Peter Stormare), a solitary man who is taking care of his brother's small herd of reindeer after losing his own and falling on hard times. Klemens lives in close contact with nature and in tune with the changing seasons. Nejla would like to follow in his uncle's footsteps and live like him, but his parents put pressure on him to abandon this disappearing lifestyle. When the reindeer are viciously attacked by the wolf straying in the area, Klemens and Nejla react without regard to the law. The desire to protect their dwindling herd brings them into conflict with the rules of society, but forces Klemens to stand up for his nephew. --