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The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Episode 1

Opium addict and choirmaster John Jasper has vivid dreams of killing his beloved nephew Edwin Drood and stealing his fiancée Rosa. When two exotic strangers arrive in town Jasper's dark desires take shape and his life will never be the same again.
2017; 2012

The Knight From Olmedo

In this video, actors and directors work to re-create the style of the Spanish Golden Age in Lope de Vega's play The Knight From Olmedo.
2017; 1989

Aspects of the Classic Greek Theater

This video presents director Dimitros Rondiris' interpretation of Sophocles' play Electra using the classical style.
2017; 1960

Mudras: Hand Gestures of Sanskrit Drama

Three Indian actor-dancers demonstrate the stylized gestures of classical Sanskrit drama using examples from the play Vision of Vasavadatta.
2017; 1980

Sense and Sensibility: Episode 1

Mrs. Dashwood is devastated when her beloved husband dies. The late Mr. Dashwood’s estate and fortune are bequeathed by law to his son from a previous marriage, John Dashwood, to the delight of John’s rapacious wife, Fanny. Mrs. Dashwood and her daughters are forced to move to a tiny cottage on a cousin’s estate in Devonshire, to start their lives again. It is perhaps Elinor, the eldest daughter, who is most upset to leave her childhood home. She has fallen in love with Fanny’s brother, the kind and unassuming Edward Ferrars. However, Mrs. Dashwood’s cousin, Sir John Middleton, ensures that the family settles into life in Devonshire. Before long, Elinor’s younger sister, Marianne, finds that she has an admirer in Sir John’s friend, Colonel Brandon. However, a rival soon emerges in th [...]
2017; 2008

A Doll's House

David Thacker directs this film adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's 1879 play that struck an early blow for feminism. Nora Helmer (Juliet Stevenson) secretly borrowed money from Nils Krogstad (David Calder) so that her husband Torvald (Trevor Eve) could recover from a serious illness without financial worry; she has been repaying the loan with money from her household allowance. Torvald becomes bank director and wants to fire Krogstad. Krogstad discovers that Nora forged a signature and threatens to reveal the truth unless she convinces Torvald not to fire him.
2017; 1992

Terence and Molière

This video uses scenes from Terence's Phormio, juxtaposed with scenes from Molière's Scapin, to show Terence's influence on later playwrights and to show how each play reflects the society in which it was written. The use of authentic oversized masks demonstrates the exaggerated gestures and vocal techniques that were part of this ancient form of theater.
2017; 1987

The Later Years+B13

This video looks at Henrik Ibsen's plays The Masterbuilder and The Lady From the Sea, discussing how they provide glimpses of Ibsen's life and world, as well his his stage techniques.
2017; 1984

Youth and Exile

This video looks at Henrik Ibsen's play Ghosts and the stage techniques Ibsen used. It also discusses Ibsen's early life.
2017; 1984

Unexplained Laughter

Diana Rigg stars as Lydia who, after a disastrous love affair, retreats from London to a remote cottage in Wales with her friend and confidante. The two find themselves increasingly drawn into the lives and intrigues of the local community. Then Lydia starts to hear laughter...
2017; 1989

Pattern Development

This video allows students to "look over the shoulder" of master costume wizard Rosemary Ingham. It provides concise on-the-job training for groups and individuals engaged in producing well-fitted costumes, teaches how to get accurate measurements, analyze costume sketches, develop paper patterns, and design mock-ups.
2018; 1989

Tenant of Wildfell Hall: Episode 3

Huntingdon has abducted young Arthur and Helen returns to him. In spite of his dissolute behaviour, she nurses him till his death. She agrees to marry faithful Gilbert Markham.
2017; 1996

Molière and the Comédie-Française

Offering a brief history of the Comédie-Française, this video analyzes two scenes from Molière's plays, Le Misanthrope and Tartuffe.
2017; 1982

Lessons From Joan

Joan Littlewood gained world fame with her musical "Oh, What a Lovely War!“ which played on Broadway for an amazing eight months. Walter Macintosh uses a Melbourne revival of the musical in order to revisit Joan Littlewood´s life and career assembling an astonishing number of survivors from those days in the 1960s. Her great causes were community and political theatre, improvisation and working class language, all of which have passed into the mainstream of drama. The Theatre Company Joan Littlewood and Gerry Raffles founded in Stratford, East London, continues to showcase new theatre work inspired by its local community and the world today.

Firearm Safety Onstage

This video clearly demonstrates essential safety measures for using America's most deadly prop - a gun. Explaining that even blanks are not automatically safe, gun and theater special effects expert Robert B. Chamberse teaches actors and technicians to properly use guns onstage. He discusses how guns work, talks about their history, shows how to perform safety checks, and teaches proper cleaning procedures. The video also considers sound issues and offers guidelines for safely using guns on stage.
2018; 1992

Sense and Sensibility: Episode 3

Marianne learns the full extent of Willoughby’s betrayal and wrongdoing from Brandon, who reveals that Willoughby was disinherited by his aunt after getting a young girl (Brandon’s own ward) pregnant. Willoughby then ran off to London to – successfully - find himself a rich heiress to marry. The shock of this news is severe for Marianne and her health begins to deteriorate. When Elinor learns that Edward intends to honor his engagement to Lucy Steele, even though this means being disinherited by his mother, she and Marianne decide to leave London. They are both heartbroken. They stay with Mrs. Jennings’s daughter, CHARLOTTE PALMER, in Cleveland where Marianne falls gravely ill. Brandon helps Elinor to nurse Marianne back to health and they finally return, with great relief, to their [...]
2017; 2008

Painting Highlights

Featuring minimal dialog, this video visits several college-level painting classes to see the evolution of student projects for scenic painting, including bricks, dirty walls, wood-graining, and marble, as well as the progression of advanced final projects. The video helps to motivate students to use their imagination and build confidence as they explore the exciting world of theatre painting.
2018; 1989

An Englishman Abroad, by Alan Bennett

Alan Bates stars in a splendid story by Alan Bennett, based on a true incident which took place in Moscow in 1958. British spy Guy Burgess encounters actress Coral Browne (who plays herself) on tour from the old country. Invited to lunch at Burgess's shabby apartment, he presents her with a strange request.
2017; 1983

Shakespeare and Webster: Jacobean England

This video presents a brief history of Shakespeare's and Webster's time period, presenting pictures of costumes, buildings, and scenes from Webster's plays.
2017; 1900

Acting in Television Series

One of the joys and challenges of being an actor is the unpredictable nature of what new character may enter your life for some period of time. But what about the actor who plays the same character on a television series year after year? What are his or her challenges? Is there a point where it’s hard for them or their audience, to know where the actor’s personality ends and the character’s begins? How does the actor deliver a believable and engaging performance under the daily stress of television production?
2017; 2004