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Notman's Camera [electronic resource]

William Notman is said to be the most successful photographer in all of North America. In 1873 alone he produced 14,000 images; some are treasured private possessions, while others are reproduced in the thousands and are sold around the world. This film explores Notman's career as a photographer, the success he experienced, and his legacy.
2015; 2004

Black Hands: Trial of the Arsonist Slave

This film investigates slavery in Canada through the story of Marie-Josèphe Angélique, a Black slave accused of burning Montreal in 1734. After an epic trial, this untamable slave is tortured and sentenced to death. But was she really guilty of this crime or was she the victim of a bigger conspiracy? Why this voluntary amnesia about this unknown page of Canadian history? A fascinating 52 minute documentary that powerfully mixes interviews with historians and stylized theatrical re-enactments.
2015; 2011

Earl Jones [electronic resource]: In Trust

Disgraced Montreal financial adviser Earl Jones orchestrated a Ponzi scheme that defrauded his investors of
2014; 2010

Code Orange [electronic resource]

What really happened in the emergency room at Montreal General Hospital on September 13, 2006. As soon as it learned that a crazed shooter was on a carnage-strewn rampage at Dawson College, the hospital mobilized its staff. Several victims were saved thanks to the skills and quick action of the paramedics and the hospital's trauma unit.Our crew walks us back through the drama and the fight to stay alive via a faithful re-enactment put together with the people who were there.
2014; 2007

Ethnic Fragmentation in Canada [electronic resource]

Program 25.1 examines the cultural conflicts that developed when thousands of wealthy immigrants from Hong Kong changed the face of housing in Vancouver, B.C. Program 25.2 traces government initiatives for French-language only education in the Province of Québec and how these initiatives have affected new immigrants and Francophone families who want their children to learn English.