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Jews and Buddhism: Belief Amended, Faith Revealed

The effect of Eastern religion on Jewish life and religious practice is widespread in the United States, where 30% of non-Asian Buddhists are Jewish. This film includes interviews, historical film clips, and rare footage of the Dalai Lamma meeting with Jewish religious leaders.
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Frontline World June 26, 2007: Stories From a Small Planet

Indonesia, after the wave: A tsunami that hit Aceh, Indonesia in 2004 led to the end of a long civil war and the election of a former rebel as governor, who is now trying to make peace with the past.; Faroe Islands, message from the sea: For over 1,000 years, the people of the Faroe Islands have hunted pilot whales, and whale meat continues to be an important part of their diet. However, a 20-year study of Faroese children has found that it contains high levels of methyl mercury and other contaminants that may harm their neurological development.; Tanzania, hero rats: Visits the unique lab run by Bart Weetjens in Tanzania, where he trains rats to sniff out deadly unexploded land mines. Travels with Weetjens to Mozambique where he sets his trained rodents in action.; Kuwait, the 99: F [...]
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Jews and Buddhism

This documentary examines the dramatic surge of interest among American Jews in the spiritual teachings of Buddhism. Jews, who make of 2% of the population, account for some 30% of non-Asian American Buddhists. Many of them are among the leading expositors and scholars of Buddhism in America. In practice, traditional Jewish ritual and liturgy are being modified in synagogues and among individuals seeking to incorporate the teachings of Buddhism into their spiritual lives. The striking resonance between Buddhism and Judaism has been remarked upon by writers and scholars, and has generated many notable books and articles. Jews and Buddhism is the first film to interrogate in depth the reasons for this phenomenon, explore it in the context of 20th century Jewish-American life, and consi [...]

Visioning Tibet

Visioning Tibet chronicles the passion of ophthalmologist Marc Lieberman, founder of the Tibet Vision Project. His mission: to end preventable blindness in Tibet -- which has the highest rate of untreated cataract blindness in the world -- by 2020. Bringing light where there was once darkness, Lieberman s work in educating Tibetan doctors to perform cataract surgery has been carried out despite the many obstacles thrown up by the Chinese bureaucracy. The film tells the stories of two Tibetans with failing vision -- Karma and Lhasang -- who have one last chance at restored sight. Karma, 52, is a farmer from a small northern village who works the land that his family has worked for generations. For two years, he has been gradually losing his eyesight, preventing him from farming. Lhasa [...]