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Foolish Wives

1st film: A rich woman and an adventurer posing as a nobleman meet & have an affair in the South of France.; 2nd film: Gives an exciting look at the bizarre career of Erich Von Stroheim. Director Patrick Montgomery gives life to the legend and excerpts for Blind Husbands, Foolish Wives and many others give a better understanding to von Stroheim's career. In addition, the program gives a detailed study of a creative genius whose perverse aberrations regarding women, art, and finances made him a Hollywood outcast.
2003; 1922
Clemons (Stacks)

The Call to Glory [electronic resource]: Chennault and the Flying Tigers

The Call to Glory is the first documentary to tell the complete story of the American Volunteer Group, nicknamed the Flying Tigers. Under the leadership of Claire Lee Chennault, the A.V.G. was meant to bolster Chinese resistance to Japanese aggression, to keep the United States from having to fight a two-front war. It was America s first covert operation. Due to the Freedom of Information Act, material has been uncovered giving a new perspective on the origins of the war in the Pacific. In flying missions in defense of China, the A.V.G. established standards of performance that have never been surpassed. The film includes archival footage(never available before), interviews with A.V.G. veterans, radio broadcasts of the era, and an original musical score. It captures the sense of dram [...]