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Frontline World June 26, 2007: Stories From a Small Planet

Indonesia, after the wave: A tsunami that hit Aceh, Indonesia in 2004 led to the end of a long civil war and the election of a former rebel as governor, who is now trying to make peace with the past.; Faroe Islands, message from the sea: For over 1,000 years, the people of the Faroe Islands have hunted pilot whales, and whale meat continues to be an important part of their diet. However, a 20-year study of Faroese children has found that it contains high levels of methyl mercury and other contaminants that may harm their neurological development.; Tanzania, hero rats: Visits the unique lab run by Bart Weetjens in Tanzania, where he trains rats to sniff out deadly unexploded land mines. Travels with Weetjens to Mozambique where he sets his trained rodents in action.; Kuwait, the 99: F [...]
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Frontline World May 27, 2008: Stories From a Small Planet

Mexico, crimes at the border: In a joint project with the New York Times, Frontline/World correspondent Lowell Bergman investigates the business of human smuggling across the busy ports of entry between Mexico and the United States. In Tijuana, masses of people attempt to cross illegally every day with the help of increasingly organized and expensive smugglers.; Guatemala, the secret files: After thirty years of bloody civil war, Guatemala is still recovering and its citizens look for traces of missing people who were "disappeared." Clark Boyd reports on the discovery of the historical archive of the National Police who served under Rios Montt's government, an archive that contains masses of papers that document the human rights abuses of the secret police.; Mozambique, guitar hero: [...]
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Frontline World May 11, 2010: Stories From a Small Planet

Brazil: As the U.S. Congress considers new legislation that would have them pay for making pollution, American companies are looking to the Brazilian Amazonian rain forest for an increasingly valuable commodity - carbon. But for the locals this means losing access to the forest that they have used for food and other resources for centuries.; Guatemala: The economic impact of an immigration raid at a meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa not only has hurt the local economy, but the deported workers and their families in Guatemala.; Uganda. Health officials in Uganda are looking to a new approach to preventing diseases like Ebola and Marburg virus, which can spread from gorillas and other animals to humans.
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