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An astonishingly beautiful and gripping Western starring Viggo Mortensen, JAUJA (pronounced how-ha) begins in a remote outpost in Patagonia during the late 1800s. Captain Gunnar Dinesen has come from abroad with his fifteen year-old daughter to take an engineering job with the Argentine army. Being the only female in the area, Ingeborg creates quite a stir among the men. She falls in love with a young soldier, and one night they run away together. When Dinesen realizes what has happened, he decides to venture into enemy territory, against his men’s wishes, to find the young couple. Nominated for the Un Certain Regard Award and Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize at the **Cannes Film Festival.** Official Selection at the **Toronto International Film Festival.** *"Alonso sustains an atmospher [...]
2019; 2015

About Elly

From the Academy Award winning director of *A Separation* and *The Salesman* comes this gripping mystery set among a group of old friends on a holiday retreat. With the return of their friend Ahmad from Germany, a group of old college pals (two married couples and a brother and sister, along with three young kids) decide to reunite for a weekend outing by the Caspian Sea. The fun starts right away as they quickly catch on to the plan of lively Sepideh, who has brought along Elly, her daughter’s kindergarten teacher, in hopes of setting her up with recently divorced Ahmad. Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the **Berlin International Film Festival.** Winner of the Best Narrative Feature Award at the **Tribeca Film Festival.** *"It is perhaps Farhadi's richest, most complex [...]
2019; 2015

Los Angeles Plays Itself

Thom Andersen's landmark documentary LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF explores the tangled relationship between the movies and their fabled hometown as seen entirely though the films themselves. From its distinctive neighborhoods to its architectural homes, Los Angeles has been the backdrop to countless movies. In this dazzling work, Andersen takes viewers on a whirlwind tour through the metropolis real and cinematic history, investigating the myriad stories and legends that have come to define it, and meticulously, judiciously revealing the real city that lives beneath. Winner of the Independent/Experimental Film and Video Award at the **Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards.** Winner of the Best Documentary Feature Award at the **Vancouver International Film Festival.** *"The best do [...]
2019; 2004

Searching for Ingmar Bergman

To mark the centennial of legendary director Ingmar Bergman's birth, noted German filmmaker Margarethe von Trotta revisits the settings, scenes, people and themes key to the auteur's creative cinematic legacy. Nominated for a Golden Eye Award at the **Cannes Film Festival.** Official Selection at the **Toronto International Film Festival.** *" filmmaker's love affair with another's work, a prism for other beams of light to shine through." - David Fear, **Rolling Stone*** *"A documentary that bubbles over with anecdote and insight." - Owen Gleiberman, **Variety***
2019; 2018

The Guardians

An affecting human drama of love, loss, and strength unfolds against the backdrop of World War I. The women of the Paridier farm, under the deft hand of Hortense, the family's matriarch, must grapple with the workload while the men, are off at the front. New tools allow the women to triumph over the land, newfound independence is acquired, yet emotions are stirred when the men return. Nominated for four awards, including Best Cinematography and Most Promising Actress (Iris Bry) at the **César Awards.** Nominated for Best International Film at the the **Munich Film Festival.** *"Like a series of Monet paintings come to life, the historical drama THE GUARDIANS luxuriates in lush, widescreen images of the French countryside." - Christy Lemire, *****
2019; 2017


One of the most critically-acclaimed documentaries in recent years, LEVIATHAN is a groundbreaking, immersive portrait of the contemporary commercial fishing industry. Directed by the award-winning filmmakers of *Sweetgrass* and *Foreign Parts*, LEVIATHAN is a purely visceral, cinematic experience. Nominated for the Truer Than FIction Award at the **Film Independent Spirit Awards.** Winner of the Don Quixote Award and the FIPRESCI Prize at the **Locarno International Film Festival.** *"With its repetitive images of netted and gutted sea life, the film suggests that the beast is the human hunter himself." - Peter Keough, **Boston Globe*** *"...a briny, immersive effect that is almost hallucinatory." - Peter Howell, **Toronto Star***
2019; 2013

The Beaches of Agnes

A reflection on art, life and the movies, THE BEACHES OF AGNÈS is a magnificent film from the great Agnès Varda (*Cleo From 5 to 7*), a richly cinematic self portrait that touches on everything from the feminist movement and the Black Panthers to the films of husband Jacques Demy and the birth of the French New Wave. Nominated for the Allan King Documentary Award at the **Toronto International Film Festival.** Winner of the Best Documentary Film at the **César Awards.** *"Varda, free from fear and shame, turns her tale of a life lived in art into a work of art in its own right...a rapturous tribute to life itself." - Richard Brody, **The New Yorker*** *"A puckish, moving and wonderfully eccentric tour through her life." - Dave Dalhoun, **Time Out***
2019; 2009

Last Year at Marienbad

This French New-Wave classic features stunning imagery, while deliberately avoiding conventional plot and character development. In a vast and opulent hotel, an unnamed man attempts to persuade a similarly unnamed married woman that they have not only met before, but that they were also romantically involved and had planned to elope together. Nominated for Best Original Screenplay at the **Academy Awards** and Nominated for the Best Film at the **BAFTA Awards.** Winner of the Golden Lion at the **Venice Film Festival.** *"Remains one of cinema's glorious enigmas, endlessly compelling and intriguing." - Kevin Thomas, **The Los Angeles Times*** *"For all its notoriety, this masterpiece among masterpieces has never really received its due." - Jonathan Rosenbaum, **Chicago Reader***
2019; 1961

Plastic China

This film documents a plastic recycling facility in a small town dedicated to the business of processing plastic waste. The facility is operated by two families: the family of the owner and a family of employees. Eleven-year-old Yi-Jie works alongside her parents while dreaming of attending school. Kun, the facility’s ambitious foreman, hopes for a better life. PLASTIC CHINA examines global consumption and culture through the eyes and hands of those who handle its refuse. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize World Cinema - Documentary at the **Sundance Film Festival**. Nominated for Best Editing at the **Golden Horse Film Festival**. "*PLASTIC CHINA reflects the harsh reality of the nation’s economic development through the conditions of two families at a waste recycling facility, the [...]
2019; 2016


Hal Ashby directed a remarkable string of acclaimed, widely admired classics throughout the 1970s (such as *Harold and Maude* and *Being There*), but is often overlooked amid the crowd of luminaries from his generation. Amy Scott’s exuberant portrait explores that curious oversight. Featuring interviews with film legends that worked with him and were inspired by him such as Adam McKay, Alexander Payne, David O. Russell, Dustin Hoffman, Hal Ashby, Jane Fonda, Jeff Bridges, and Judd Apatow. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the **Sundance Film Festival.** Nominated for the Best Documentary and Best First Time Director Award at the **Critics' Choice Documentary Awards.** "*A most welcome reassessment of one of the most important figures in 1970s Hollywood.*" - Todd McCarthy, ***The [...]
2019; 2018

In Pursuit of Silence

A meditative exploration of our relationship with silence, sound and the impact of noise on our lives. Patrick Shen gathers experts, audiologists, and academics to examine not only the cognitive effects of constant noise, but also what we lose culturally when we have less silence. Official Selection at the **SXSW Film Festival**. Nominated for Best Documentary at the **Atlanta Film Festival** and at the **Cleveland International Film Festival.** *"A remarkable documentary that paradoxically proves that when it comes to silence, there is a lot to be said as well as a great deal to be shown." - Kenneth Turan, **Los Angeles Times*** *"A beguiling, meditative and elegantly photographed documentary." - Joe Morgenstern, **Wall Street Journal***
2019; 2017

The Turin Horse

Widely considered one of the most important filmmakers in world cinema, Béla Tarr is the director of such revered films as *Satantango* and *Werckmeister Harmonies*. THE TURIN HORSE, which Tarr has said will be his last film, is a breathtaking masterpiece that uses an obscure Nietzsche anecdote to tell a story about human dignity and survival. Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize and the Jury Grand Prize at the **Berlin International Film Festival.** Winner of the FIPRESCI Prize for Best Foreign Language Film at the **Palm Springs International Film Festival.** "*An auteurist triumph.*" - Manohla Dargis, ***The New York Times*** *"No movie could possibly live up to the grandeur of THE TURIN HORSE's lengthy opening shot..." - Mike D'Angelo, **L.A. Weekly***
2019; 2012


Narrowly escaping her volatile ex-husband, Yella flees her small hometown in former East Germany for a new life in the West. She finds a promising job with Philipp, a handsome business executive with whom an unlikely romance soon blossoms. But she finds herself haunted by buried truths that threaten to destroy hernewfound happiness. Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Actress (Nina Hoss) at the **Berlin International Film Festival.** Winner of the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role at the **German Film Awards.** *"Strikes a perfect balance between corporate intrigue and metaphysical mystery..." - J.R. Jones, **Chicago Reader*** "*An enigmatic thriller. The kind of movie that tantalizes the mind.*" - Stephen Holden, ***The New York Times***
2019; 2008

White Rabbit

A dramatic comedy following a Korean American performance artist (Vivian Bang) who struggles to be authentically heard and seen through her multiple identities in modern Los Angeles. Nominated for the Audience Award in the Best of Next! Category at the **Sundance Film Festival.** Nominated for Best American Independent Feature Film at the **Cleveland International Film Festival.** *"...a bright, breezy exploration of a modern artist's life, complete with side gigs and Instagram videos." - Kevin Crust, **Los Angeles Times***
2019; 2018


Casey (Haley Lu Richardson) lives with her mother in a little-known Midwestern town haunted by the promise of modernism. Jin (John Cho), a visitor from the other side of the world, attends to his dying father. Burdened by the future, they find respite in one another and the architecture that surrounds them. Nominated for Best Cinematography, Best First Feature and Best First Screenplay at the **Film Independent Spirit Awards.** Nominated for the Audience Award in the Best of Next! Category at the **Sundance Film Festival.** *"The quietly stirring, exquisitely photographed COLUMBUS is an art house gem that beautifully illuminates not only the architecture of a small Indiana town, but also the characters who inhabit it." - David Lewis, **San Francisco Chronicle***
2019; 2017

Liberty and Slavery

In 1776, America was a place of extreme paradox. While our Founding Fathers were fighting for they own independence, many were also unashamed slave-owners. Indeed they were simultaneously promoting both liberty and slavery. LIBERTY AND SLAVERY explores why the Founders and their slavery paradox is a lot more complicated than first imagined. Winner of Best Feature Documentary and Best Cinematography at the **Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards.** Winner of the Gold Award for Documentary at the **CINDY Awards.**
2019; 2016

Camille Claudel

Camille Claudel (Isabelle Adjani), a genius at sculpture, first becomes Rodin's (Gérard Depardieu) pupil, then his mistress. Their separation and the difficulties she encounters in gaining acceptance for her work gradually drive her into madness. Nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Foreign Language Film at the **Academy Awards.** Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the **Golden Globes.** Winner of Best Actress at the **Berlin International Film Festival**.
2019; 1988

The Man in the White Suit

Sidney Stratton (Alec Guinness), laboratory dishwasher at a textile mill, is secretly at work on the invention of a new fabric that will never get dirty and never wear out. After many trials, the invention succeeds and it is brought to the notice of his employer, who invests money and facilities to develop it. However, when the news of Stratton's invention breaks, industry is threatened with chaos. The trade unions and the mill owners find themselves in an artificial alliance, both determined that the fabric must never go on the market. Nominated for an **Academy Award** for Best Screenplay. Nominated for a **BAFTA** for Best British Film.
2019; 1951

Student Athlete

An HBO Sports documentary produced in collaboration with LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Steve Stoute, STUDENT ATHLETE examines the complex rules of amateur athletics, and how they affect uncompensated athletes and their families. Each year, student athletes generate billions of dollars for universities and private companies, yet a vast majority earn nothing for themselves and leave school with few resources for careers outside of sports. Directed by Oscar® winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Trish Dalton, this hard-hitting, often-poignant exposé unveils the exploitive world of high-revenue college sports through the compelling stories of four young men at different stages in their athletic careers, as well as two others: a coach-turned-advocate for student athletes, and an anonymous [...]
2019; 2018

Rat Film

A documentary that uses the rat as a passageway into the dark, complicated history of Baltimore. A unique blend of history, sci-fi, poetry and portraiture, RAT FILM brilliantly breaks documentary norms and dissects how racial segregation, redlining, and environmental racism built the Baltimore we see today. What begins as an examination of our interactions with rats – portraits of rat afflicted citizens, use of rats in labs, development of rat poison – becomes a deeper exploration of Baltimore. Director Theo Anthony investigates the history of the city, and the systemic racism that established the low-income and predominantly black neighborhoods that are still plagued by rats today. Official Selection at the **SXSW Film Festival** and **Hot Docs Film Festival**. "*[An] electrifying c [...]
2019; 2017