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The Challenge

Italian visual artist Yuri Ancarani’s exquisite documentary enters the surreal world of wealthy Qatari sheikhs with a passion for amateur falconry. The opulence of this Middle Eastern gas state is on full display as the men race SUVs up and down sand dunes, fly their prized falcons around on private jets, and take their pet cheetahs out for desert spins in their souped-up Ferraris. The result is a film jaw-dropping not only for its displays of wealth, but for the pure cinematic beauty that won Ancarani the Filmmaker of the Present award at the 2016 **Locarno Film Festival**. Official Selection at the **SXSW Film Festival**. Nominated for Best Documentary Feature at the **San Francisco International Film Festival**. *"Composed over three years, THE CHALLENGE is elegantly distilled, ea [...]
2019; 2017


It's a shame no one wants to talk to them at parties, because obituary writers are a surprisingly funny bunch. Ten hours before newspapers hit neighborhood doorsteps—and these days, ten minutes before news hits the web—an obit writer is racing against deadline to sum up a long and newsworthy life in under 1000 words. The details of these lives are then deposited into the cultural memory amid the daily beat of war, politics, and football scores. OBIT. is the first documentary to explore the world of these writers and their subjects, focusing on the legendary team at The New York Times, who approach their daily work with journalistic rigor and narrative flair. Going beyond the byline and into the minds of those chronicling life after death on the freshly inked front lines of history, t [...]
2019; 2017

The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

Cultural theorist superstar Slavoj Zizek re-teams with director Sophie Fiennes (*The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema*) for another wildly entertaining romp through the crossroads of cinema and philosophy. With infectious zeal and a voracious appetite for popular culture, Zizek literally goes inside some truly epochal movies, all the better to explore and expose how they reinforce prevailing ideologies. Official Selection at the **Toronto International Film Festival**. Nominated for the Viewfinders Grand Jury Prize at **DOC NYC**. Nominated for the Depth of Field Competition at **DocAviv Film Festival**. *"Zizek's associative thinking and understanding of the applicability of psychoanalysis make this a lecture like no other." - Zachary Wigon, **Village Voice***
2019; 2013


One of the most influential and iconoclastic figures of the 20th century, French philosopher and father of “deconstruction” Jacques Derrida has single-handedly altered the way we look at history, language, art and film. DERRIDA is an innovative and entertaining portrait by questioning the very concept of biography itself. Featuring a mesmerizing score by **Oscar**-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (*The Last Emperor*), DERRIDA is a playful and provocative glimpse at a visionary thinker as he ruminates on everything from Seinfeld to ancient philosophers. Nominated for the Grand Jury Prize - Documentary at the **Sundance Film Festival**. Winner of the Golden Gate Award for Film & Video - Biography at the **San Francisco International Film Festival**. *"... The cinematic equivalent of a [...]
2019; 2002

Tell Them We Are Rising

Black colleges and universities are a haven for Black intellectuals, artists and revolutionaries and have educated the architects of freedom movements and cultivated leaders in every field. TELL THEM WE ARE RISING: THE STORY OF BLACK COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES examines the impact these institutions have had on American history, culture, and national identity. Official Selection at the **Sundance Film Festival**. Winner of Outstanding Independent Documentary at the **Black Reel Awards**. *"A robust and stirring capsule history." - Sheri Linden, **Hollywood Reporter*** *"Films such as this are essential, telling a deeper truth and inspiring further research." - John Fink, **The Film Stage***
2019; 2017

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

This **Oscar-winning**, sparklingly original comedy casts Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren in three different stories set throughout Italy. In Naples, they are poor but resourceful, selling black market cigarettes on the streets. In Milan, Loren is costumed in Christian Dior and debates her preference for a Rolls Royce or her husband. And in Rome, Mastroianni is an industry scion who helps Loren’s prostitute set a wavering priest back onto the spiritual plane. Witty and unforgettable, this gem from master filmmaker Vittorio de Sica (*Two Women*, *Marriage Italian Style*) is picture-postcard beautiful and effortlessly hilarious. Winner of Best Foreign Language Film at the 1964 **Academy Awards**. Mastroianni's perfomance also won Best Foreign Actor at the 1965 **BAFTA** Film Awards.
2019; 1963

Trouble the Water

This astonishingly powerful, **Oscar-nominated** documentary is at once horrifying and exhilarating. Directed and produced by *Fahrenheit 9/11* and *Bowling for Columbine* producers Tia Lessin and Carl Deal, TROUBLE THE WATER takes you inside Hurricane Katrina in a way never before seen on screen. The film opens the day before the storm makes landfall—just blocks away from the French Quarter. Kimberly Rivers Roberts, an aspiring rap artist, is turning her new video camera on herself and her neighbors trapped in the city. As the hurricane begins to rage and the floodwaters fill their world and the screen, Kim and her husband Scott continue to film their harrowing retreat to higher ground and the dramatic rescues of friends and neighbors. The filmmakers document the couple’s return to [...]
2019; 2008

Deep Red

From Dario Argento, maestro of the macabre and the man behind some of the greatest excursions in Italian horror (*Suspiria*), comes DEEP RED - the ultimate giallo movie. One night, musician Marcus Daly witnesses the brutal murder of a woman in her apartment. Racing to the scene, Marcus just manages to miss the perpetrator... or does he? As he takes on the role of amateur sleuth, Marcus finds himself ensnared in a bizarre web of murder and mystery where nothing is what it seems. Winner of Best Director at the **Sitges - Catalonian International Film Festival** *"Deep Red showcases the technical bravado and loopy shock tactics that made Argento famous." - Keith Phipps, **AV Club*** *"Deep Red is a riveting thriller whose secrets carefully unravel via a series of carefully calibrated co [...]
2019; 1975

Dark River

Following the death of her father, Alice (Ruth Wilson) returns home to Yorkshire for the first time in 15 years, to claim the tenancy of the family farm she believes is rightfully hers. Once there she encounters her older brother Joe (Mark Stanley) a man she barely recognizes, worn down by years of struggling to keep the farm going whilst caring for their sick father. Joe is thrown by Alice’s sudden arrival, angered by her claim and finds her presence increasingly impossible to deal with. Battling to regain control in a fraught and fragile situation, Alice must confront traumatic memories and family betrayals to find a way to restore the farm and salvage the bond with her brother before both are irrevocably lost. Official Selection of the **Toronto International Film Festival.** *"Go [...]
2019; 2017

Mea Maxima Culpa

Oscar-winning Director Alex Gibney (*Going Clear, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room*) exposes the abuse of power in the Catholic Church and a cover-up that winds its way from the row houses of Wisconsin, through the choirs of Ireland’s churches all the way to the highest office of the Vatican. By investigating the secret crimes of a charismatic priest who abused over 200 deaf children in a school under his control - the film shows the face of evil that lurks behind the smiles and denials of authority figures and institutions who believe that because they stand for good they can do no wrong. Winner of a **Primetime Emmy Award** for Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking. Winner of Best Documentary at the **London Film Festival**. Official Selection at the **Toronto Internation [...]
2019; 2013

Manufacturing Consent

Funny, provocative and surprisingly accessible, MANUFACTURING CONSENT explores the political life and ideas of Noam Chomsky, world-renowned linguist, intellectual and political activist. In a dynamic collage of new and original footage, biography, archival gems, imaginative graphics and outrageous illustrations, the film highlights Chomsky’s probing analysis of mass media. A mammoth two-part project, MANUFACTURING CONSENT is nonetheless light on its feet, favoring a style that encourages viewers to question its own workings, as Chomsky himself encourages his listeners to extricate themselves from the “web of deceit” by undertaking a course of “intellectual self-defense.” Winner of the Special Jury Citation for Best Canadian Feature at 1992 **Toronto International Film Festival** and [...]
2019; 1993


Paul (François Cluzet) has just bought a charming waterfront hotel in the heart of France. In debt for the next ten years, he sets to work with his beautiful new wife, Nelly (Emmanuelle Béart). The life of the young couple resembles a dream come true until Paul’s suspicions and jealousy get the best of him. His increasing obsession turns into madness that ends in a tragedy. "*A gripping and clever offering from one of Hitchcock's brightest heirs.*" - Dan Lybarger, ***Nitrate Online***
2019; 1994

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Terence McDonagh (Oscar-winner Nicolas Cage) is a drug and gambling addled detective in post-Katrina New Orleans investigating the killing of five Senegalese immigrants in this gritty Crime drama from Oscar-nominated auteur, Werner Herzog. Also starring Oscar nominee Brad Dourif (*One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest*), Eva Mendes (*Training Day*) and Val Kilmer (*Top Gun*). Nominated for Best Cinematography at the **Film Independent Spirit Awards**. Nominated for a Golden Lion at the **Venice Film Festival**. "*In fusing European experimentalism and Hollywood boldness, Herzog has created a genuine oddity, a furious and unforgettable hybrid which may well prove to be 2010's most purely enjoyable moviegoing experience.*" - Tom Huddleston, ***Time Out***
2019; 2009


Derek Jarman's most profound reflection on art, sexuality and identity retells the life of the celebrated 17th-century painter through his brilliant, nearly blasphemous paintings and his flirtations with the underworld. CARAVAGGIO incorporates the painter's precise aesthetic into the movie's own visuals, while touching on all of Jarman's major concerns: history, homosexuality, violence and the relationship between painting and film. Featuring Tilda Swinton and Sean Bean. Winner of The Silver Bear at the **Berlin International Film Festival.**
2019; 1986

Winter Sleep

A hotel owner and landlord in a remote Turkish village deals with conflicts within his family and a tenant behind on his rent. Winner of the Palme d'Or and the FIPRESCI Prize at the **Cannes Film Festival.** Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the **César Awards**. *"...feels very much like an epic novel, mirroring the pacing and themes of Chekov, whose work was its inspiration." - Betsy Sharkey, **The Los Angeles Times*** *"...impeccably acted morality tale of a wealthy man who sins by omission." - Peter Howell, **Toronto Star***
2019; 2014

Mid-August Lunch

An utterly charming tale of good food, feisty ladies and unlikely friendships during a very Roman holiday. Broke, and armed with only a glass of wine and a wry sense of humor, middle-aged Gianni resides with his 93-year-old mother in their ancient apartment. The condo debts are mounting, but if Gianni looks after the building manager’s mother, all will be forgiven. Then the manager also shows up with an auntie, and then a doctor friend appears with his mother in tow... Can Gianni keep these lively mamas well fed and happy in these cramped quarters? Winner of four prizes at the **Venice Film Festival.** *"A simple and endlessly charming look at a weekend in the life of an uncomplicated middle-aged man living with his aging mama." - Linda Barnard, **Toronto Star***
2019; 2008


Austrian actress Hedy Lamarr fled an oppressive marriage to create a name for herself as one of Hollywood's top leading ladies in the 1940s. Behind the glamour and sex appeal, though, was a talented and inquisitive inventor who created a radio system that is now considered the basis of Bluetooth technology. Audience Award winner at the **San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.** Official Selection at the **Tribeca Film Festival.** “*Superb... Recognition (and compensation) proved elusive in Lamarr’s lifetime, but in this marvelous documentary, a brilliant woman...finally gets her due.*” - Chuck Wilson, ***The Village Voice***
2019; 2017

Marathon: The Patriots' Day Bombing

Directed by the Emmy®-nominated team of Ricki Stern and Annie Sundberg, and produced in association with The Boston Globe, this feature documentary revisits the April 15, 2013 bombings at the Boston Marathon through the prism of individuals whose lives were forever changed by the attacks. The film covers the events of Marathon Day 2013, through the sentencing of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev two years later and concludes on Marathon Day 2016. Built on a wealth of exclusive footage from this three-year period – much of it never seen before – the film features surveillance footage, home movies and photos, as well as on-going, behind-the-scenes material from several survivors and their families gathered by reporters and photographers from The Boston Globe, which won a Pulitzer Prize for its coverag [...]
2019; 2016

Jane Fonda in Five Acts

Girl next door, sex kitten, fitness tycoon, high-profile activist, Oscar®-winner: Jane Fonda has lived a life marked by controversy, tragedy and transformation, and she's done it all in the public eye. This exclusive HBO documentary, directed and produced by the acclaimed filmmaker Susan Lacy, draws on 21 hours of recent interviews with Fonda, who speaks candidly and frankly about her life, her loves, her causes, and her missteps. She explores the pain of her mother's suicide, her famous father’s emotional unavailability, 30 years of an eating disorder, and three marriages to highly visible, yet diametrically opposed, men (Roger Vadim, Tom Hayden and Ted Turner). JANE FONDA IN FIVE ACTS features interviews with family members (including Hayden and Turner) and close friends, as well a [...]
2019; 2018

Marriage Italian Style

One of the most famous, and funniest, Italian comedies of all time, MARRIAGE ITALIAN STYLE received nominations for Best Foreign Language Film, and Best Actress for Sophia Loren, at the **Academy Awards**. Marcello Mastroianni co-stars as the irrepressibly carnal businessman Domenico, who discovers Loren’s Filumena as a young prostitute and keeps her as his mistress and confidante. When he chooses to marry a young cashier instead of her, Filumena is furious, and resorts to a series of wild and hilarious ruses to win back his hand. Winner of a **Golden Globe** Award for Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film. “*Wonderfully and delicious...*” – ***The New York Times***
2019; 1964