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Replication Data for: The Disk-Bearing Young Star IM Lupi. X-Ray Properties and Limits on Accretion

Günther, H. M; Matt, S. P.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Güdel, M.; Li, Z.-Y.; Burton, D. M.
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Günther, H. M
Matt, S. P.
Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
Güdel, M.
Li, Z.-Y.
Burton, D. M.
This archive contains the AAO data used in the referenced publication. The Chandra and ESO/HARPS data can be downloaded from the respective institutional archives. Some information on the data format is below, see the original publication for details. The reduced spectra have not been spliced together and the continuum fitting is not perfect in the blue orders. In addition, I think the extraction of the first order (in the blue) is not the best and should probably be treated cautiously. The spectra have been shifted to match the telluric lines in each spectrum and some pixels have been removed (due to poor fitting) which is why each spectrum has a different number of datapoints. The reduced spectra are just ASCII files with 3 columns, the first is wavelength (in nm), the second is the normalised intensity, and the 3rd is a measure of the error in the intensity at each pixel. The first 2 rows of the file contain header information. Dates of observation 4 exp.; 30 min each two consequtive on each day UTC MJD 2009-05-05T12:38:14.5 5.495652652204E+04 2009-05-05T13:08:31.5 5.495654755213E+04 2009-05-06T11:49:32.5 5.495749271413E+04 2009-05-06T12:19:49.5 5.495751374479E+04
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University of Virginia, 2013
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DLR : 50OR0105
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