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Schmidt & Nosek (2010): Implicit (and Explicit) Racial Attitudes Barely Changed During Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign and Early Presidency

Kathleen Schmidt; Brian Nosek
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Kathleen Schmidt
Brian Nosek
Brian Nosek
As a high-status, omnipresent Black exemplar, Barack Obama and his rise to the presidency of the United States may have induced a cultural shift in implicit racial attitudes, much like controlled exposures to positive Black and negative White exemplars have done in the laboratory (Dasgupta & Greenwald, 2001). With a very large, heterogeneous sample collected daily for 2.5 years prior to, during and after the 2008 Election season (N = 479,405), we observed very little evidence of systematic change in implicit and explicit racial attitudes overall, within subgroups, or for particular notable dates. Malleability of racial attitudes – implicit or explicit – may be conditional on more features than the mere presence of high-status counter-stereotypic exemplars.
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University of Virginia, 2010
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