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Replication Data for: Smith and Nosek (2011): Affective Focus Increases Concordance Between Implicit and Explicit Attitudes

Colin Tucker Smith; Brian Nosek
Computer Resource; Online; Dataset
Colin Tucker Smith
Brian Nosek
Two attitude dichotomies – implicit versus explicit and affect versus cognition – are presumed to be related. Following a manipulation of attitudinal focus (affective or cognitive), participants completed two implicit measures (Implicit Association Test and the Sorting Paired Features task) and three explicit attitude measures toward cats/dogs (Study 1) and gay/straight people (Study 2). Using confirmatory factor analysis, both studies showed that explicit attitudes were more related to implicit attitudes in an affective focus than in a cognitive focus. We suggest that, although explicit evaluations can be meaningfully parsed into affective and cognitive components, implicit evaluations are more related to affective than cognitive components of attitudes.
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University of Virginia, 2011
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