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Suprastructures: Undercover Sites and Composite Living

Gracia Acosta, Marcela
Thesis/Dissertation; Online
Gracia Acosta, Marcela
Li, Shiqiao
Jover Biboum, Margarita
In ever expanding, ever growing urban centers, places that are neither here, not there, overlooked by their seemingly uselessness, are bound to exist. These sites exist parallel to the mundane and necessary functions in urban settings, primarily exemplified by infrastructure, and hence, survive in a state of permanent invisibility. These sites have an opportunity to become the framework in which a new sociocultural and economic model can exist. A shift from labor to work, finds its place in these invisible sites, housing production, work, living, materials, leisure, in order to offer an alternative living condition in the city. This new model works by using existing infrastructure and appropriating otherwise overlooked sites, validating this alternative socioeconomic paradigm, and supplying a much needed sense of belonging through the appropriation of nonexistent places.
University of Virginia, School of Architecture, MARCH (Master of Architecture), 2015
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MARCH (Master of Architecture)
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