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The Land of Little Rain

Mary Hunter Austin
Mary Hunter Austin
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Alderman Library owns the original 1903 Houghton Mifflin edition of this work (some work was done against the Ballantine Books New York 1971 reprint). Pagination follows the 1971 Ballantine edition. All brown-toned line-drawings are scanned from the 1903 Houghton Mifflin edition. A note on the artist follows from the 1903 edition: "NOTE ON THE ILLUSTRATIONS The Publishers feel that they have been peculiarly fortunate in securing Mr. E. Boyd Smith as the illustrator and interpreter of Mrs. Austin's charming sketches of the "Land of Little Rain." His familiarity with the region and his rare artistic skill have enabled him to give the very atmosphere of the desert, and graphically to portray its life, animal and human. This will be felt not only in the full-page compositions, but in the delightful marginal sketches, which are not less illustrative, although, from their nature, it is impracticable to enumerate them in a formal list."
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