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The Twickenham Hotch-Potch ; For the Use of the Rev. Dr. Swift, Alexander Pope, Esq.; And Company. Being a Sequel to the Beggars Opera, &Amp;C. Containing, I. The State of Poetry, and Fate of Poets, in the Reign of King Charles IId. II. Seriousities and Comicalities, by Peter Henning, a Dutchman. III. Two Dozen of Infallible Maxims, for Court and City. IV. The Present War Among Authors, Viz. Swift, Pope, Theobald, Rolli, Voltaire, Parson B---Dy, and Mr. Ozell. V. The Rival Actresses, Viz. Mrs. O---D, Mrs. P---R, Mrs. B---H, Miss y---Ger and Miss Polly Peachum. VI. A Poetical Catalogue of Polly Peachum's Gallants. VII. An Epistle From Signora F---Na to a Lady. VIII. A True Copy of Polly Peachum's Opera. Also, Her Panegyrick. Written by Caleb D'Anvers [I.E. Nicholas Amhurst

Amhurst, N., (Nicholas)
Document; Online
Amhurst, N., (Nicholas)
Composition Era
18th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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