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Scotlands Welcome to Her Native Sonne, and Soveraigne Lord, King Charles ; Wherein Is Also Contained, the Maner of His Coronation, and Convocation of Parliament; The Whole Grievances, and Abuses of the Common-Wealth of This Kingdome, With Diverse Other Relations, Never Heretofore Published. Worthy to Be by All the Nobles and Gentry Perused; And to Be Layd Vp in the Hearts, and Chests of the Whole Commouns, Whose Interests May Best Claime It, Either in Meane, or Maner, From Which Their Priuiledges, and Fortunes Are Drawne, as From the Loadstar of True Direction. By William Lithgovv

Lithgow, William
Document; Online
Lithgow, William
Composition Era
17th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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