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The Valiant Actes and Victorious Battailes of the English Nation ; From the Yeere of Our Lord, One Thousand Three Hundred Twentie and Seuen: Being the First Yeare of the Raigne of the Most Mightie Prince Edvvard the Third, to the Yeere 1558. Also, of the Peaceable and Quiet State of England, Vnder the Blessed Gouernement of the Most Excellent and Vertuous Princesse Elizabeth: A Compendious Declaration Written by C. O. And Newly Translated Out of Latine Verse Into English Meeter. By I. S. [I.E. John Sharrock

Sharrock, John
Document; Online
Sharrock, John
Composition Era
16th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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