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Saxon Treatise Concerning the Old and New Testament ; Written Abovt the Time of King Edgar (700 Yeares Agoe) by Aelfricvs Aebas, Thought to Be the Same That Was Afterward Archbishop of Canterbvrie. Whereby Appeares What Was the Canon of Holy Scripture Here Then Receiued, and That the Church of England Had It So Long Agoe in Her Mother Tongue. Now First Pvblished in Print With English of Our Times, by William Lisle ... The Originall Remaining Still to Be Seene in Sr Robert Cottons Librarie, at the End of His Lesser Copie of the Saxon Pentatevch. And Herevnto Is Added Ovt of the Homilies and Epistles of the Fore-Said Aefricvs, a Second Edition of a Testimonie of Antiquite, &Amp;C. Touching the Sacrament of the Bodie and Bloud of the Lord, Here Publikely Preached and Receiued in the Saxons Time, &Amp;C

Lisle, William
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Lisle, William
Composition Era
17th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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