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Romes Monarchie, Entitvled the Globe of Renowmed Glorie ; Briefly Comprehending the First Foundation and Building of Rome by Romulus: The Principall Warres and Conquests of the Romanes After the Time of Their First Choosing Consuls, Till Iulius Caesar Attaining Soly to the Empire, and From Him More Briefly to Nero. Where in Small Compasse Is Described, Manie Most Noble, and Vertuous Acts, Atchieued in Their Said Warres, and Conquests; Strange Tragedies, Secret Practises and Policies, Ambition, Hate, and Reuenge: And How Insurrections, Rebellion, Strife, Ciuill Discord and Discention Preuailing, Was the Onely Plague, Ruine, and Vtter Destruction of Many Great Monarchies, Kingdomes, Cities, and Countries. Translated Out of the French and Italian Histories by E. L

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16th Century
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Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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