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The Rocke of Regard ; Diuided Into Foure Parts. The First, the Castle of Delight: Wherein Is Reported, the Wretched End of Wanton and Dissolute Liuing. The Second, the Garden of Vnthriftinesse: Wherein Are Many Sweete Flowers, (or Rather Fancies) of Honest Loue. The Thirde, the Arbour of Vertue: Wherein Slaunder Is Highly Punished, and Vertuous Ladies and Gentlewomen, Worthily Commended. The Fourth, the Ortchard of Repentance: Wherein Are Discoursed, the Miseries That Followe Dicing, the Mischiefes of Quareling, the Fall of Prodigalitie: And the Souden Ouerthrowe of Foure Notable Cousners, With Diuers Other Morall, Natural, &Amp; Tragical Discourses: Documents and Admonitions Being All the Inuention, Collection and Translation of George Whetstons

Whetstone, George
Document; Online
Whetstone, George
Composition Era
16th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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