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A Briefe Summe of the Treason Intended Against the King &Amp; State ; When They Should Have Been Assembled in Parliament. Nouember. 5. 1605. Fit for to Instruct the Simple and Ignorant Heerein: That They Be Not Seduced Any Longer by Papists. With a Few Other Meeters Viz, a Song for Traytors to Make Vse of Now and Hereafter, Wherof the First Three Verses Was Made in an Other Foote, by One of Babingtons Conspiracy at His Death. And Certaine Songs in Prayse of the Kings Maiesty, With Prayers for Him, and the Prosperous Estate of All His Kingdomes. By I. R. [I.E. John Rhodes

Rhodes, John, Minister of Enborne
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Rhodes, John, Minister of Enborne
Composition Era
17th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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