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A Sinfvll Mans Solace ; Most Sweete and Comfortable, for the Sicke and Sorowful Soule: Contriued, Into Seuen Seuerall Daies Conference, Betweene Christ and a Carelesse Sinner. Wherin, Euerie Man, From the Highest, to the Lowest: From the Richest, to the Poorest: And Aboue All, the Sorowfull Sinner: Maye Take Such Sweet Repaste of Resolution, to Amendment of Lyfe, and Confirmation of Fayth: That (in Respect of the Heauenlie Solace, Therin Faithfully Remembred:) All the Pompes and Pleasures of This Wicked Worlde, Shall Be Plainely Perceiued to Be Meere Miserie. Writeen by Iohn Norden

Norden, John
Document; Online
Norden, John
Composition Era
16th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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