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A Pleasaunte Laborinth Called Churchyardes Chance ; Framed on Fancies, Uttered With Verses, and Writtee[n] to Giue Solace to Eury Well Disposed Mynde: Wherein Not Withstanding Are Many Heauie Epitaphes, Sad and Sorowfull Discourses and Sutche a Multitude of Other Honest Pastymes for the Season (and Passages of Witte) That the Reader Therein Maie Thinke His Tyme Well Bestowed. All Whiche Workes for the Pleasure of the Worlde, and Recreation of the Worthie, and Dedicated to the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Bromley, Knight, Lorde Chancelour of Englande [by Thomas Churchyard

Churchyard, Thomas
Document; Online
Churchyard, Thomas
Composition Era
16th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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