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Prayers and Other Pieces of Thomas Becon ; ... Comprising, the Flower of Godly Prayers. The Pomander of Prayer. The Sick Man's Salve. A Comfortable Epistle to the Afflicted People of God. An Humble Supplication for the Restoring of God's Word. The Displaying of the Popish Mass. The Common-Places of the Holy Scripture. A Comparison Between the Lord's Supper and the Pope's Mass. Certain Articles of Christian Religion Proved and Confirmed. The Diversity Between God's Word and Man's Invention. The Acts of Christ and of Antichrist. Christ's Chronicle. The Summary of the New Testament. The Demands of Holy Scripture, With Answers. Edited for the Parker Society. By the Rev. John Ayre

Becon, Thomas
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Becon, Thomas
Composition Era
19th Century
UVa Text Collection
Chadwyck-Healey English Poetry
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