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A Tree. At Sunset (in Tennessee) I’ve Seen the Moonk With Lifted Wing-a White Hawk- Over a Cypress Tree;the Lover’s Star, the Bloom of Spring, and Evening Folded on Tennessee. I’ve Seen the Little Streams Run Down-All Smoke-Blue, Lost in Faerie, and Far, the Purple Mountains Crown the Darkness Breathing on Tennessee. I’ve Seen the Beautiful, So Clear It Sure Has Gone to the Heart of Me- and There’ Ll Be Magic Ever Near to Me, Remembering Tennessee - John Galsworthy

Davis, Jackson
Online; Visual Materials
Nonprojected Graphic; Photography
Full view
Date Created
1915 - 1947
4 x 6 in.
Jackson Davis Collection of African American Photographs
Special Collections, University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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Call Number
MSS 3072, 3072-a
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