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Medical Bag With Instruments

Online; Physical Object
Leather; Metal; Rubber (Material); Plastic (Organic Material); Glass (Material)
Inside the bag is a Velket tourniquet (01783b) advertising Keflin Sodium Cephalothin by Lilly in a plastic case (01783a) with a paper insert of directions; a reflex hammer (01783d); a stethoscope with brown rubber tubing and black chestpiece (01783e); a stethoscope with yellow rubber tubing and engraving of Supraphon D.R.G.M. on chestpiece (01783f); a Velket tourniquet (01783h) in a plastic case (01783i) with a paper insert containing directions; a case (01783j) made by Heine for an oto-ophthalmoscope. Inside the light gray case is a black ophthalmoscope (01783k) also marked Heine; 3 aural specula (01783l (originally l, m, n); a battery handle marked Heine Diagnostik (01783o); and an otoscope (01783p); two bulbs (not marked); a small metal and plastic pin (not marked) and directions on paper in an envelope marked Instructions for Use. There is a maroon leather case (01783t) containing a pressure cuff (01783u) in the doctor's bag. Also in the bag is a white, plastic case (01783v) marked Prameta Stauer Nach D R. BUMM, Made in Germany that contains a metal and gray cloth tourniquet (01783w).
Date Created
circa 1920 - 1970
20 x 37 x 14 cm
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Dr. John Guerrant
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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