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Paul Waechter
Online; Physical Object
Metal; Glass
Monocular microscope stored in a wooden box. The following text printed on the box: "Paul Waechter." "Berlin." "No. 6404" "H.B". The following items are stored in the box: 4 eye pieces; slide, Mikroscopische Pleurosigna angulatum Sm. Institut. C. Rodig Verdienst Medaille Wien 1873 Hamburg; slide, Holisp.Diatomcen Mikroscopische R. Getschmann Berlin; slide, H.Boecker Macroglossa Hellatarum Wetzlar Mikroscopisches Institut; lens box; 3 lens; 18 microscope slides; 26 microscope slides; 22 microscope slides; microscope slide cover glasses, box of 8, 50 stuck 18 m/m; microscope slide cover glasses, box of 38; microscope slide cover glasses, box of 2; microscope slide cover glasses, box of 7; microscope magnifying table.
Date Created
circa 1872 - 1892
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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