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Leather (Material); Metal; Wood (Plant Material)
This item was owned by Dr. James E. Copeland (1845-1937) of Round Hill, Virginia. It was donated to the University of Virginia by Copeland's grandson, Edward V. Copeland, in 1971. 3823 Marshall PATD Apr. 20 [TH] 1886, 36 W.S.M. Centrallia ILL; The saddlebags contain the following: 11 powder packets: (1) chloride, (2) ferric, (8) no information; 13 pillboxes: (3) empty and folded, Cr. JE Copeland, Round Hill, VA; C.C.P.; Cascarin Compound, prepared by University Pharmaceutical Company; Dr. J.E. Copeland, Round Hill, Va; Dr. J.E Copeland, Round Hill Va--The National Drug Co. Press, Philadelphia; (2) Drs. Copeland & Copeland Round Hill Va; Drs. Copeland & Copeland., Roundhill, VA.; Drs. Copeland & Copeland. Round Hill Virginia, A 32437 Opium and Lead Acetate, No. 2; Calomel gr 1 Ipecac gr 1/10 sodium gr); 37 medicine bottles with stoppers: Acetauclid; Acetanilid Company No. 4 Dr. Aulde Acetanilid 3 1/2 grs; salycilic acid; salycilate sodium; Ipecac; calomel and sodium [] omel, 1-2 gr. []ium Bicarb. 1-2 gr.; Norwood's for veratim viriole [] 1-3; calomel; nitroglycerine; strychnine nitrate [] 1-30 grain; Morphine Sulphate; morphine 1/4 gr. 1-4 []; [] Opii); Hydr. Cum. Creta; Bismuth Subgallate; Salol; Rx Mercurous Chlor [] [] Bicarb [] Dr. J.E Copeland, Round Hill, VA; Poison, contains Mercury bichloride, Eli Lilly & Company Indianapolis, 2 []230343; Spt's Nitre; brom. pot; F.E. []8[] Dr.J[] Copeland, Round Hill, VA; Fl.Ext. Ergot; (2) chloroform; Chlor. Hydrat; (7), no information; chlor. hydrat; Rx2, Mercurous chloride, mild, 2 1/2 grs, Sodium bicarbonate, 2 1/2 grs, F.E Aconite; Oxalate Cerium; 8 powder packets: mincing poison, Ferric Nitras, (4) no information, salol, nux vomica.
Date Created
circa 1886 - 1910
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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