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Hypodermic Syringe Set

Parke, Davis & Company
Online; Physical Object
Metal; Glass; Paper (Fiber Product)
Contained in metal case with retractable top, Pat'd Oct. 10 1899, Parke, Davis & Co. Detroit & New York; set includes: hypodermic syringe, [graded 5-15]; 2 syringe needles; 6 glass vials with paper labels, cork stoppers: 3 vials of hypodermatic tablets, No.136 - Nitroglycerine, Digitalin and Strychnine; hypodermatic tablets Number 136 Nitroglycerine Digitalin and Strychnine; hypodermatic tablets, No. 2 - Apomorphine hydrochloride 1-10 grain; hypodermatic tablets, No. []6 - Morphine and atropine; hypodermic tablets, No. 3 - Atropine sulphate, 1-50 gr.
Date Created
1890; circa 1890
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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