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Leather; Metal; Wood (Plant Material); Glass
This item was owned by Dr. James E. Copeland (1845-1937) of Round Hill, Virginia. It was donated to the University of Virginia by Copeland's grandson, Edward V. Copeland, in 1971. Includes medicine bottles with stoppers: Calomel, 1/2 gr/Sodium Bicarb 1/2 gr, Pil Cath Comp, 3, SPT3. AM. Arom, for Verratium Vividi (Norwoods), 3 Collodium, 3[], 3, 2001 Calcium Sulphide, F.E Ergot, chloral hydrate, pot brom, subgallette of bismouth, Kino, Bismouth S. Nit, (1) Hydrarg Chlor [] Sodium Bicarb [], 1 Santoin, 1 [], 1, Hyd. C []1, 1, 1 Hyd Celomit, 1 []le Hypodermic Tablets [] glycerine...1-100 gr, 1 [], amyl nitrite, 1 Hyd C Creta, 1 creasotum, opium & Lead Acetate Rx 'B' powder opium 1-4 grams, lead acetate 3-4 gr. 506361, ammon chlorid []3, Chloroform, 3 Pot iodide, Rx (2 1/2) Hydrarg Chlor [] Sodium bicarb [], Chlor. Potass, Quiniae B[]hat quinia, acetanclide, tablet triturates of morphine sulphate 1-4.
Date Created
circa 1870 - 1900
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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