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Pocket Surgical Instrument Set

Francis Arnold & Son
Online; Physical Object
Metal; Leather; Paper (Fiber Product)
This instrument was owned by Dr. James E. Copeland (1845-1937) of Round Hill, Virginia. It was donated to the University of Virginia by Copeland's grandson, Edward V. Copeland, in 1971. Contained in leather and metal case with the following text on the leather: "J.E. Copeland, M.D."; set includes: female catheter; forceps- metal, Daily and Arnold; bistoury with curved sharp point - plastic and metal, F. AR[_]& Son; aneurism needle- plastic and metal, F.Arnold & Son; finger knife - plastic and metal, F.Arnold & Son; scalpel - plastic and metal; bistoury with curved probe point - plastic and metal; tenaculum - plastic and metal; probe - sterling; male catheter - metal; abscess lancet - plastic and metal; spatula - metal; fabric thread; 2 cards of Surgeons' twisted silk suture No. 2 and No. 7, Seabury & Johnson, Seabury Pharmacal Laboratories, New York; Surgeon's silk suture No. 2, Fayette manufacturing company, Baltimore Maryland, genuine chinese tsatlee; plaster; two prescription labels - paper, Dr. JE Copeland, Round Hill, Virginia.
Date Created
circa 1875 - 1891
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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