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Pocket Surgical Instrument Set

Charles Willms Surgical Instrument Company
Online; Physical Object
Metal; Tortoise Shell
Contained in leather and fabric case; C. Willms & Co., Manufacturers of surgical instruments, Baltimore MD; set includes: male catheter - metal; female catheter tube - metal; aneurism needle - metal; aneurism needle with grooved director - metal; arterial serrefin forceps - metal; curved probe point scalpel and bistoury - shell and metal, Willms 8; trocar and canula - metal sterling; porte meche - sterling; finger knife and aneurism needle - shell and metal, Willms 2; gum lancet - shell and metal; fenestrated artery with needles forceps - metal; curved sharp tenotome and bistoury - shell and metal, Willms 15; curved probe tenaculum and bistoury - shell and metal, Willms; arterila serrefin forceps - metal; suture needle full curve - metal, 5 cm; half curve suture needle - metal, 3.25 cm; half curve suture needle, 2.75 cm; wire suture needle - metal, 3.75 cm; surgical silk fabric.
Date Created
circa 1871 - 1892
University of Virginia Medical Artifacts Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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