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Found in Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever Collection circa 1800-circa 1998 bulk 1863-1974

Series IX. Photographs
inclusive1846/1966circa 1846-circa 1966
bulk1870/1960circa 1870-circa 1960
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Series IX. Photographs consists primarily of photographs that Philip Showalter Hench created and collected while researching the yellow fever experiments. Items in this series date from around 1846 to around 1966 with the bulk of the items dating from around 1870 to around 1960. The subjects shown in the photographs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • physicians, military personnel, nurses, and volunteers associated with the experiments including Walter Reed, Jesse W. Lazear, Jefferson Randolph Kean, and Aristides Agramonte;
  • family members of people associated with the yellow fever experiments including their spouses, children, and grandchildren.
  • Camp Lazear, Camp Columbia, and other locations in Cuba related to the yellow fever experiments between 1900 and 1960;
  • the U.S.S. Maine and the Spanish-American War;
  • aerial views of Havana, Cuba and its environs from the 1940s and 1950s
  • scenes of daily life in Cuba generally from between 1898 and 1960;
  • the 1952 dedication of the Camp Lazear National Monument in Cuba;
  • the creation and unveiling of Dean Cornwell's painting, Conquerors of Yellow Fever;
  • still scenes from the movies, Yellow Jack and Jezebel;
  • other events and works of art commemorating the work of the participants in the yellow fever experiments;
  • documents and maps that Philip Showalter Hench copied for his research;
  • and Philip Showalter Hench and his family.

Series IX. also includes a watercolor that was painted by Emilie Lawrence Reed.

Many of the photographs in this series are annotated with notes. Some of these notes appear to have been written by Philip Showalter Hench, while others were written by people associated with the yellow fever experiments (e.g. Albert E. Truby). It appears that many of the photographs were separated from related materials in other parts of the collection, particularly Series VIII., and rehoused housed in Series IX.

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