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Found in WSLS-TV (Roanoke, VA) News Film Collection, 1951 to 1971 1968 December

In the Midst of the Liquor-by-the-Drink Referendum, Raymond R. Robrecht, Jr., Commonwealth'S Attorney for Roanoke County, Va., Tells WSLS-TV Reporter Glenn Howell the Consequences of Rejecting the Town of Vinton'S Vote

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The WSLS-TV News Film Collection, 1951-1971, comprises anchor scripts and 16mm news film created by Roanoke, Va., television station WSLS. A grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities funded the preservation and digitization of this collection.

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WSLS-TV reporter Glenn Howell interviews Raymond R. Robrecht, Jr., commonwealth's attorney for Roanoke County, Va., about the county-wide liquor-by-the-drink referendum. Residents of Roanoke County are challenging the legitimacy of the votes from the Town of Vinton, Va. They believe Vinton should hold its own seperate referendum, independent of Roanoke County. According to Robrecht, if Vinton's votes are omitted, then Roanoke County will have to vote anew because some county residents voted in Vinton precincts and it is impossible to separate county residents' votes from those of Vinton.
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