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Gross Anatomy Students, Summer 1975

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First row (l to r): Joanna Dolores Arias. Second row (l to r): Andrew Allison Bailey, Jr., Laurelle Ann Baxter, James Murphy Bell, Jr., Joseph Bonn, Thompson H. Boyd, III, Harry Winters Buchanan, IV, Sara Ann Case. Third row (l to r): David Anthony Clark, Bruce Palmer Cleland, Richard William Clement, Charles Stephen Coleman, Ernest Upshur Conrad, III, Steven Rumbough Donaldson, Diane Elizabeth Fuller. Fourth row (l to r): Jeffrey Dixon Greenwood, John Edward Hall, Gail Edmee Hendley, Dietrich von Kuenssberg Jehle, John Nicholas Joslyn, Stacey Jill Keen, Ron Steven Kohorn. Fifth row (l to r): Andrew Charles Larner, Richard Thomas Lopes, Jared Russell Madsen, Wilbur Eugene McDonald, Jr., John Michael Morina, Madelaine Diane Murad, Thomas Douglas Murray. Sixth row (l to r): Robert Cleveland Parker, Jr., Robert David Powers, Joanne Love Rhoads, Julie Kathryn Samet, Douglas Robert Schuch, Richard Wayne Schwartz, Carolyn Vander Veer Shaak. Seventh row (l to r): Richard Kendall Shelton, Floyd Dale Smith, Richard Frazier Stowers, Jr., Edward Kin-Chow Tse, Theodor von Beringe VonZielinski, Murray Ben-Zion Welt, Marian Elizabeth Wulf.
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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