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School of Medicine, Fourth Year Class, 1969-1970

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First row (l to r): Charles Adley Mangham, William Averett Marshall, Jerry Wayne Martin, Daniel Webster Mason, William Craig McCauley, John Patrick McDermott, Albert Lewis Menner, Calvin Lewis Miller, John Edward Morgan. Second row (l to r): John Watson Morrison, Jr., George Russell Nelson, Geral Vincent Otteni, Carney Cooper Pearce, III, William Woods Pretlow, Charles Daniel Price, III, Eugene Augustus Quindlen, Jack Roy Tayman Rafter, Larry Steven Rivkin, Lewis Burnham Rock, III. Third row (l to r): Stephen William Rose, John Douglas Royall, Roger Norris Ruckman, Marshall Carney Taylor, Cathy Bristol Thomson, Cloyd Kent Titus, Michael Ian Turan, George Wayne Vetrovec, William Watkins Walton, Jr., Gary William Welch, Robert Elbert Whited. Fifth row (l to r): Robert Marshall Wild, Robert George Wiley, Michael John Worzniak.
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1969 - 1970
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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