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School of Medicine, Fourth Year Class, 1943-1944

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Class of 1944. Identified (L to R): First row: William Clayton Barr, Frank Smoot Beazlie Jr., Thomas Grasty Bell, Henry Boone, Jospeh Shelton Bower, Maurice Miller Bray, Lenora Virginia Brown, George Benjamin Carter, Charles Milton Clark, Raymond Rueben Comess, Jose Angel DeJesus Second row: Julian Quayle Early, Peyton Randolph Evans Jr., Donald Terrell Faulkner, Walter Cleveland Fitzgerald, Frederick John Flynn Jr., Innes Correll Haines, Willard Chappell Hewitt, Elizabeth Harmon Hill, Robert Steele Hutcheson Jr., King Arcy Jamison Third row: Carl Millard Lang, William Gordon Leary Jr., Marion Cooper LIndel, Garnett William Link, William Lunsford Long Jr., Robert Edward Lee McNeely, Leonard Irving Malis, Howard Everett Medinets, Henry Clarkson Meredith Jr. Fourth row: Henry Rankin Miller, John William Henry Morgan, John Langdon Moss, Anne Newhall, Cardwell Camden Nuckols, Loren Francis Parmley Jr., Robert William Sjogren, Howard Elmer Smith Fifth row: John Robert Troxell, Edward Alton Tyler, Mary Martin Wade, Charles Miller Walsh III, Louis Napoleon Waters, Edgar Newman Weaver, Lee Elias Whitlock Jr., Walter Dickenson Woodward
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1943-03 - 1943-12
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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