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School of Medicine, Second Year Class, 1939-1940

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Class of 1942. Identified (L to R): First row: Adams, Berkeley, Britt, Bryant, Burk, Byrd, Byrne, Caffey, Calloway, Campbell, Clore, Coxe. Second row (l to r): Crook, Crumpacker, Davis, DeSaussure, Diamond, H.G. Dickie, J.W. Dickie, Donelson, Farber, Forrest, Gabin, Goldstein. Third row (l to r): Haden, Hall, Harman, Hawke, Hawley, Henderson, Hoare, Hobark, Hopkins, Inby, Linck, Ling, Lowrance. Fourth row (l to r): MaCreery, Magruder, Maughaw, Mann, Miller, Oast, Parker, Price, Pritchett, Primas, Reynolds, Schley, Shaffer. Fifth row (l to r): Shrum, Stanley, Stevenson, Sutherland, Thomas, Tucker, Valentine, Vann, White, Wilkerson, Wine. Sixth row (l to r); Yamshon, Young, Zigler.
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1939 - 1940
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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