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Fourth Year Class, 1930-1931

Holsinger's Studio (Charlottesville, Va.)
Online; Visual Materials
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SOM, Class of 1931 Identified (from left to right): First row: John Jacquelin Ambler, Howard Hicks Ashbury, Harloe Bailey, Philip Bress, William Ambrose Brown, Jr., Charles Crawford Canada, George Daniel Capaccio, William Morgan Chew, John Bradley Cousar, Adam Tyree Finch, Jr., Carlyle Gregory Flake Second row: Samuel Howard Garst, [?], Samuel Butler Grimes, Peter Allen Haley, II, Winthrop Huntington Hall, Weldon Merritt Harloe, Ruth Schwartz Hart, Clifton K Himmelsbach, Angus Hinson, Joseph William Houck Third row: Harry Gilman Hudnall, John Thomas James, Harry Raphel Kelly, Charles Fuller Kincheloe, Jr., [?], Thomas Preston McKee, Arthur Mazyck, Jr., Lodwick Sterrett Meriwether, William Maryon Moir Fourth row: Timothy John Nash, William Henry Parker, Asa Elmore Seeds, Eldridge Cook Simmons, Melville Dwight Smith, Jack Spencer, Ben Steingold, Albert Chesterfield Stutsman Fifth row: Walter Lee Thomas, Jr., Dawson Edward Watkins, Jr., Bliss King Weems, William Massie Whitehead
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1930 - 1931
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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