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Fourth Year Class, 1929-1930

Holsinger's Studio (Charlottesville, Va.)
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SOM, Class of 1930 Identified, from left to right: Top row: Richard F. Slaughter Jr., Robert E. Odom, William O. Purdy, Archibald A. Little Jr., Achilles L. Tynes Jr., Lewis B. Sheppard, Frederick M. Morrison, William M. Gammon, Harold H. McLemore, J. R. Eggleston, Thomas L. Watson Jr., Dorothy D. Brame, Daniel B. Pierson Jr., William H. Paine Jr. Second row: Beverly K. Peter, Ernest S. Elliott, Henry R. Bourne, Oliver L. Von Canon, Benjamin W. Rawles Jr., James E. Wissler, Richard E. White, H. T. Marshall (Pathology and Bacteriology), Paul H. Revercomb, Julian E. West, Thomas L. Allman, Prosser H. Picot, William C. Wills, Charles Keppler Jr., Charles B. Smith Third row: Robert L. Wells, Paul S. Hill, Eugune B. Ferris Jr., George T. Gwathmey Jr., J. A. Waddell (Materia-Medica and Pharmacology), H. E. Jordan (Histology and Embryology), [skip center photo], E. P. Lehman (Surgery and Gynecology), J. E. Kindred (Histology and Embryology), John D. Peake, Charles W. Rodgers, Hill Carter III, William H. Roper Fourth row: Southgate Leigh Jr., Paul Kells, Edward S. Orgain, H. B. Mulholland (Medicine), W. E. Brown (Phthisiotherapy), [skip center photo], J. H. Neff (Urology), D. C. Smith (Dermatology and Syphilology), Alfred C. Ray Jr., William L. Sibley, Emory L. Shiflett Center photo: Dr. J. C. Flippin - Dean Fifth row: William A. Brumfield Jr., Joseph H. Farrow, Joel L. Deuterman, James E. Amiss, V. W. Archer (Roentgenology), W. E. Bray (Clincal Diagnosis), H. S. Hedges (Ophthalmology), L. T. Royster (Pediatrics), W. H. Goodwin (Surgery), K. F. Maxcy (Health and Hygiene), John C. Palmer, Walter J. Allegree, Dewey L. Anderson, Morton M. Pinckney Sixth row: Alexander T. Mayo, Bergliot Stromsoe, Allan E. Walker Jr., C. C. Speidel (Anatomy), L. A. Calkins (Gynecology and Obstetrics), J. E. Wood (Medicine), A. F. Voshell (Orthopedics), R. B. Bean (Anatomy), F. D. Woodward (Otolaryngology ), F. B. Carter (Obstetrics), S. D. Blackford (Medicine), James P. King, Manfred Call III, Robert B. Skinner Seventh row: Alfred W. Pinkerton, D. C. Wilson (Psychiatry-Neurology), A. D. Hart (Medicine), O. Swineford (Medicine), T. F. Brumfield (Bacteriology and Pathology), H. W. Smith (Physiology), F. B. Stafford (Phthisotherapy), E. S. Sanderson (Pathology and Bacteriology), R. M. Meade (Surgery), W. W. Waddell (Pediatrics), C. B. Morton (Surgery), A. Chanutin (Biochemistry), R. T. Ergenbright (Orthopedics), Joseph P. Coco
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1929 - 1930
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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