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Fourth Year Class, 1926-1927

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SOM, class of 1927 Students unidentified. Student roster in alphabetical order, not as appears in photo. Nicholas F. Adams Jr., Temple Ainsworth, Homer C. Ashley, Charles R. F. Baker, Bruce E. Bradley, Thelma F. Brumfield, James S. Chalmers Jr., Louis T. Claytor, Janet H. Coleman, Sam H. Conner, William L. Dunn, David P. Evans, Oscar H. Fulcher, Francis C. Goodwin, DeWitt Hamrick, Taswell P. Haney Jr., Edward T. Harrison, Jacob C. Harshbarger, William D. Hickerson, Lonnie M. Hines, William C. Holt, Frank R. Hopkins, Charles J. Horgan, William L. Hughes, Algernon S. Hurt Jr., Ellis D. Lineberry, Charles D. Lucas, Edward C. Maphis, Maurice J. Miller, Daniel O. Nichols, Rudolph A. Nichols Jr., Charles H. Peterson, Virginia B. Pope, Julian M. Ruffin, Willcox Ruffin, Samuel B. Scott, Thomas J. Sims Jr., George G. Stone, Oscar Swineford Jr., Clarence W. Trexler, James E. Wheeler, Frederick H. Wilke, Louis L. Wilkinson, Burbridge S. Yancey.
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1926 - 1927
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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