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Fourth Year Class, 1924-1925.

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SOM, class of 1925 Front row (from left to right): Dr. Carl Casky Speidel, Dr. William E. Bray, Dr. James C. Flippin, Dr. James E. Kindred, Dr. John Henry Neff, Dr. Lawrence T. Royster, Dr. Harvey E. Jordan, Dr. Theodore Hough, Dr. John Staige Davis, Dr. Stephen H. Watts, Dr. Leroy A. Calkins, Dr. Isaac A. Bigger, Dr. Dudley C. Smith, Dr. Alfred Chanutin. Second row (l to r): Joseph Conway Hiden, Edward Nelson Booker, Richard Huckstep Holt, Julian Harwood Coleman, Harry Justice Warthen, Jr., John Edward Knight Flannagan, John Staige Davis, Jr., Thomas Osgood Otto, Albert Macon Smith, Joseph Cornelius Inman, Jr., Haswell Dunkley Franklin, William Henry Sebrell, Jr. Third row (l to r): Henry Wilds Patton, Staige Davis Blackford, Goldsborough Foard McGinnis, Charles Powell Cake, Joseph Caplan, Glynne Brown, Clarence Nuckolls McPeak, Ocie Butler Morrison, Jr., Frederick Proby Barrow, II. Fourth row (l to r): Richard Cannon Eley, Andrew Stephens Graham, Porter Burks Echols, Thomas Hal Clarke, Jr., James Wilkinson Jervey, Jr., Frank Patterson Hunter, James Sidney Bradsher, Jr., Roy Alfred Gregory, George David McGregor, Kirby Knapp Bryant, Edgar Meredith McPeak, Walter Henry Calhoun, III, Warren Womack Koontz, Wiley Jackson Rollins, Jr., Eldred Simkins Jones. Fifth row (l to r): Martin Gillespie Neely, William Auburn Runkle, Stanton Knowlton Livingston, Mallory Sinclair Andrews, Sheppard Kellam Ames, Roy Wakefield Upchurch, Marion Thomas Rosser, Frank Willard Riggs, Ruth Spottswood Mason, Elizabeth Holt Edmunds, Robert Edward Feagans, Adah Anita Lotti.
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1924 - 1925
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University of Virginia Visual History Collection
Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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