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Yellow Fever Commission; The Detachment Hospital Corps, Columbia Barracks, Cuba

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September 1900 [?], Identified (L to R): Front row - Alvah S. Pinto, Lt. A. E. Truby (Commander of Detachment), Raoul Amador, Robert P. Cooke Second row - Acting Hospital Steward (A.H.S.) Campbell, A.H.S. Pahnke, A.H.S. George Burton, A.H.S. Claude Cooke, A.H.S. Arnold Third row - Pvt. John Morris, Pvt. Kneisley, Pvt. De Lamar, Pvt. Thomas Kane, Pvt. Braemer, Pvt. John Kissinger Fourth row - Pvt. Lawrence, Pvt. William Olsen, Pvt. Samillion, Pvt. Carr, Pvt. Martin, Pvt. William McHardy Fifth row - Pvt. Clyde L. West, Pvt. Harroldsen, Pvt. John Andrus, Pvt. Thomas England, Pvt. Tate, Pvt. Gustave Lambert Sixth row - Pvt. Brent La Mar, Pvt. James Toler, Pvt. Thomas Brault, Pvt. Frank Buholtz, Pvt. James Byington, Pvt. William Williamson, Pvt. Young Seventh row (top row) - Pvt. Charles Sontag, Pvt. John Colby, Pvt. Frank Dawley, Pvt. Courtney, Pvt. William Roberton, Pvt. Rutledge, Pvt. Springer This detachment furnished most of the volunteers for the yellow fever experiment at Camp Lazear
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