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John M. Stacey Shows Hospital Plans to Members of General Assembly

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Photo used in the Medical Alumni News Letter, October-November, 1955, page 3; the caption reads: "John M. Stacey, Hospital Director, points out features of proposed building program to some of the members of the General Assembly who visited the University on October 6." Other individuals not identified. The photo accompanies an article, "Hospital Plans Being Prepared[.] State Commission Recommends $6,665,000 Appropriation..." The article reads (in part): "Contracts have been made with two architectural firms for the preparation of plans and specifications for the new multi-story central unit for the hospital. "The New York firm of Eggers and Higgins will have primary responsibility for preparation of preliminary drawings and specifications, and the Richmond firm of Baskerville and Son, Hanks and Anderson willl have primary responsibility for preparation of working drawings and specifications, the performance of field supervision, and the review of shop drawings...."
Medical Alumni News Letter
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Historical Collections & Services, Claude Moore Health Sciences Library, Charlottesville, Va.
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