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Hospital Chaplain Reverend Walter A. Henricks and His Assistant Deaconess Mary Sandys Hutton

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From the Medical Alumni News Letter, July, 1957: "The Rev. Walter A. Henricks, University of Virginia Hospital Chaplain, and Deconess Mary Sandys Hutton, Assistant Chaplain, are shown in the Hospital's Mediation Room, located on Barringer II. "Installed as the Hospital's first full-time chaplain last November, Mr. Henricks has inaugurated a nondenominational ministry in the hospital which emphasizes visits and counselling with patients and includes a Sunday services for adult patiens in the J Ward Solarium and a Sunday School program for children in the pediatrics ward. Counselling with student nurses, medical students, and House Staff is also included. "The program is being financed for two years by the gift of an Episcopal layman, made through the Diocese of Virginia. "Deaconness Hutton, who served for many years at St. George's Mission in the Blue Ridge Mountains, was recently appointed Assistant Chaplain. A polio victim, Deaconess Hutton makes her rounds of the wards in a wheelchair."
UVa Medical Alumni News Letter, July 1957
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